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Adopt & Foster

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Our Philosophy

At Co-Exist Rescue, every potential family embarks on a fostering journey. We firmly hold the belief that during the initial three days, rescues may experience overwhelming emotions and nervousness.

Following this, a three-week settling-in period ensues, allowing both the rescue and the family to adjust. It is within the span of three months that a foundation of trust is built. Once this milestone is reached, we proceed to officially finalize the adoption process.

However, we understand that this timeframe may not always be perfect for both parties involved. In such cases, we warmly welcome our rescue back into our organization, ensuring their well-being is prioritized at all times.


Our Current Residents

Humans may have let down our residents, but they are far from shattered. Their resilience inspires us to provide them with the life they rightfully deserve, and we devote ourselves to this mission with unwavering commitment.



Fostering an animal with Co-Exist Rescue means that you are providing temporary care for an animal in need until they find their forever home. As a foster parent, you are responsible for providing food, shelter, and love for the animal while they are in your care. 


Adopting an animal with Co-Exist Rescue means that you are making a lifelong commitment to caring for the animal as your own pet. You will provide them with a permanent home and all the love and care they need for the rest of their life. While fostering is a temporary commitment, adoption is a long-term commitment that requires a lot of responsibility and dedication. Both fostering and adopting are incredibly rewarding experiences that allow you to make a significant difference in an animal's life.

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Our Adoption Success Corner

A Few Companies we Cherish & Rely on for Operations

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